Poured With Pride: 3 Ways To Incorporate Concrete In Your Exterior Design

The exterior of your home is incredibly important; not only is it representative of your home's "curb appeal," but it also allows you to show off your design prowess and personality without people ever crossing the threshold of your home. Concrete is an incredibly versatile material that, when incorporated in your home's landscaping, can increase its aesthetic value all without driving up your price point for building your home by too much.

Three Reasons To Install Gutter Screens

Gutter screens, sometimes also referred to as gutter guards, refer to mesh or a similar installation that is installed over the top of your gutters. They allow water to pass through, but will block leaves, sticks and other pieces of debris from entering your gutter system and downspouts. This unique function of gutter screens provides a number of distinct advantages to your roof and home: understanding what gutter screens have to offer can help you decide if installing them on your gutter system is the right fit for your needs.

Proper Maintenance For Your Well's Water Pump

Homes that rely on private wells to supply their indoor water are becoming more common. It's important to recognize that well systems require regular maintenance in order to function properly. Spending the time it takes to maintain your well system ensures that you will always have access to fresh, clean water within your home. Here are three tips that you can use to more effectively maintain your well's water pump in the future.

3 Tips For Having Your Driveway Repaved

After months or years of dealing with a bumpy, cracked, or pothole-filled driveway, you have started to seriously consider having it repaved. A newly repaved asphalt driveway can improve your quality of life, boost your property value, and help protect your vehicle from flat tires and other damage. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when having your driveway repaved: Add a Stone Base Instead of simply adding a new layer of asphalt on top of your old driveway, it is usually worth the investment to have a new stone base added underneath the asphalt.

How to Refinish Your Counter to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

Replacing your kitchen cabinets, counters, flooring, or appliances is a good way to give your kitchen a new look. But when your remodeling budget does not allow for replacement of your counters and cabinets, you can refinish them with paint or other refinishing kits to give them a faux finish. Here are some tips to help you paint and refinish your kitchen counters. Prepare the Counters The first step in refinishing your counter is to clean the counter to remove any grease.