5 Steps To Help You Get The Exterior Of Your Home Ready For A New Coat Of Paint And Fresh Look

If the exterior of your home is showing signs of wear, you want to prepare it before new paint is applied. This can involve cleaning the exterior and other work, like repairs and caulking gaps. The following guide will walk you through the process of preparing your home for the exterior painting that needs to be done:

1. Cleaning the Dust and Debris That Has Collected on Paint Over the Years

The first task that needs to be done before exterior painting is cleaning the debris and dust that may be on the exterior of your home. First, use a garden hose to remove debris from surfaces that you are going to paint, and if there is debris like spider webs, fungus, or leaves from trees, remove them with a broom.

2. Pressure Wash Surfaces and Remove Any Chipped Paint from Materials

The broom and garden hose method may not be enough to clean the exterior surfaces that need to be painted. Sometimes, years of grime can cause fungus growth and stains on the surfaces. Therefore, you may want to pressure wash some of the larger surfaces while preparing for exterior painting.

3. Sanding and Inspecting Surfaces for Damage That Needs to Be Repaired Before Painting

The surfaces of your home exterior need to be cleaned repeatedly before painting, but there are also areas that need to be sanded. If there are layers of paint or places where imperfections and wear are visible, sand these areas. Once the damage is exposed due to the sanding, you will be ready to continue with repairs.

4. Repairing the Damage to Wood and Other Materials That Has Been Exposed During Preparations

The materials on the exterior of your home may include metal, wood, and other materials that are vulnerable to decay and damage from wear. After the damaged areas have been exposed, you will need to repair these materials before you can caulk and paint the exterior.

5. Caulking, Flashing, and Sealing Any Cracks That Need to Be Covered Before Exterior Painting

There are many areas on the exterior of your home where water, air, and pests can get in. You want to seal these areas before painting is done. You should start by replacing any flashing like drip edges above the windows. Caulk all the cracks of exterior finishes where water can get in before painting to ensure everything is sealed.

These are some steps that you will need to take to prepare your home for the exterior painting that needs to be done. If the exterior of your home is showing signs of wear due to old paint, contact an exterior painting service like Albrecht & Son LLC for help making it look like new again.