3 Signs You Should Opt For Exterior Waterproofing Vs. Interior Waterproofing

You might be ready to waterproof your basement, but you might not be sure of which method of basement waterproofing you want to go with. Many basement waterproofing contractors offer both interior and exterior options. Either option can help you protect your home, but you may want to choose exterior waterproofing if any of the three points below are true.

1. You Want to Provide Your Home With Better Protection

The whole point of paying for basement waterproofing is so that you can protect your home. If you want to go ahead and provide your home with the best protection that you can, you will probably want to opt for exterior waterproofing. After all, with exterior waterproofing, you will be able to protect both the outside and inside of your home. With interior basement waterproofing, on the other hand, you will only be protecting the inside of your basement.

2. You Don't Want to Disrupt the Inside of Your Basement

One problem with interior waterproofing is the fact that work will have to be done on the inside of your basement. If you have recently done a lot of work on the inside of your basement, such as if you have finished it to turn it into an apartment or game room, then you might not want your improvements to be impacted. If you choose exterior waterproofing, you don't have to worry about the interior of your basement being tampered with at all. Plus, when the waterproofing project is done, you will know that your improved basement will be protected from water damage.

3. You're Able to Put More Money Toward the Project

Many of the homeowners who opt for interior waterproofing instead of exterior waterproofing do so due to cost. Although it's not usually quite as effective, interior waterproofing can be a good option for homeowners who are on a tight budget. Exterior waterproofing is typically more expensive, but if you're able to spend a little more money on your basement waterproofing project, you will probably find that it's worth it. Plus, even if you opt for exterior waterproofing, you can help keep costs down by having the waterproofing done before any damage is done to your home and by getting multiple quotes from basement waterproofing companies beforehand.

Both interior and exterior waterproofing options can work well for the home. In the three cases above, though, you might just want to choose exterior waterproofing as a means of protecting your home. For more information, contact an exterior waterproofing service.