More Than Just A Pretty (Sur)Face! Additional Services That Masonry Companies Provide For Residential Property Owners

Masonry companies are most often associated with constructing the exterior walls of residential homes, retail businesses, and other structures. In reality, however, brick, block, and stone masonry contractors offer many more expert services that homeowners may need or want. If you are unsure of how your home home and family can benefit from hiring a masonry contractor, here are some unique and beautiful ideas to consider. 

Masonry heaters

Many homes may already have a masonry fireplace in their home, but their owners may not be familiar with masonry heaters. A masonry heater, as the name implies, is constructed from masonry, such as bricks and mortar, using a chambered design that creates pockets to trap heated air. The home is heated as the warmth radiates from the masonry surfaces over several hours, even after the fire in the heater's firebox has died down or gone out. Because a roaring fire is not constantly necessary to provide high-quality heat, masonry heaters are considered to be safe and efficient sources of heat. 

Walls to hold and radiate heat

Another way to use masonry to boost the level of radiant heat you have in your home is to add decorative rock or brick walls around other supplemental heat sources, such as pellet or wood stoves,or free-standing gas or electric fireplaces or heaters. A masonry-lined corner or niche will safely collect the heat given off by these supplemental heat sources and then slowly release it into the home. This can mean that the interior of your home can remain warmer and more comfortable when frigid weather occurs. 

Pizza and bread ovens 

Another unique masonry project that your family might really enjoy is a custom pizza or bread oven inside your kitchen or outside the house, as part of an outdoor kitchen or living area. When installed inside the home, a pizza or bread oven can provide supplemental heat for the home during cold weather, as well as producing gourmet quality baked goods. 

Outside, a pizza or bread oven can be part of a larger project, such as when they are built into the back of a large outdoor fireplace, or as part of a masonry barbecue pit or grilling area. 

Masonry contractors can also help homeowners with tuck-pointing, retaining walls, and constructing paver surfaces, as well as many others. If you would like to add the warmth and beauty of brick, stone, or block surfaces to your home, take time to discuss your ideas with a reputable masonry contractor in your area. Contact companies like G.H. Erickson & Son.