4 Roof Replacement Repairs That You Will Want To Make Before Installing New Shingles

Before you can replace the shingles on your home, it is likely that there are going to be some repairs and improvements that need to be done. You may want to do some of the repairs yourself to save time and money on your roof replacement project. The following repairs are some of the things that need to be done before you have the shingles on your roof replaced:

1. Tear Off The Old Shingles To Expose Roof Decking And Inspect For Damage

The first major task that needs to be done when you get ready to replace your roof is tearing off old shingles. This is something that you can have the roofing contractor do, or you can do it yourself to reduce the cost of replacing your old roof. If you do the job yourself, make sure you are prepared and rent a container to have the waste hauled away in when you have finished.

2. Repair Water Damage To The Roof Decking And Rafters Due To Problems With Leaks

One of the problems that may be hidden underneath your old roofing materials is water damage. Therefore, you want to make sure that the roofing has been stripped down to the wood decking. Remove any wood decking that is rotted and inspect rafters and other wood framing beneath for damage. Repair the damaged sections of wood and install new decking, to prepare for your new roof.

3. Improve Watershed Of The Roof With Minor Changes To The Roof Structure

The poor watershed design of your roof can cause problems with wear and leaks in areas like valleys or where walls meet roof slopes. Therefore, you will want to make sure that slight changes to the roof structure are made to reduce problems with poor watershed.

4. Install Rubber Membrane Reinforcements Where Your Roof Is Vulnerable To Leaks

There may also be vulnerable areas of your roof that you want to reinforce to protect against wear and potential water damage from leaks. Before you have a new roof installed, you may want to add rubber membrane to reinforce areas like valleys, chimneys, or where roof slopes meet walls or other architectural features.

These are some of the repairs that will need to be done before you can have the shingles on the roof of your home replaced. If you are ready to replace your roof, contact a residential roofer to complete the project.