4 Home Remodeling Ideas That Return Value

When working with a home remodeling contractor, you should keep an eye on more than just making your place look nice. Getting the most bang for your buck is also important, especially if you plan to move in the next 5 to 10 years. These four remodeling ideas will give you a better chance of recouping a sizeable percentage of your investment.

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of the spaces in a home that makes a big impression on potential buyers. People go there to relax and they don't want the experience to feel draining.

Fortunately, making a bathroom look great isn't a major challenge. Even if you do simple things, like swapping out the lighting, replacing the tiles and putting in new shower doors, you're likely to see a positive return on your investment. If you go a step further and replace the tub, tiles, fixtures, toilet and sink, you can expect to see a 102% return on your investment, as long as the work is done well.

Kitchen Remodeling

There are plenty of ways to spruce up a cooking space, including adding a backsplash, putting in an island, redoing the cabinets and replacing the countertops. If the flooring isn't aging well or doesn't match with other elements, that's also worth swapping out. As with the bathroom, changing the lighting is a dirt-cheap way to make a kitchen look a lot better. Recessed lighting is especially trendy.

Converting an Attic to a Bedroom

Attic space has a tendency to be a net nothing, in a house. At best, most homeowners just treat it as spillover space for storage that can't go elsewhere. Many attics, however, are very spacious and can make for great bedrooms.

One thing to keep in mind is comfort. Converting an attic to a bedroom could be a problem, if the house's HVAC system isn't up to the job. You'll also likely want to insulate the space better than it currently is insulated, particularly if you live in a very hot or cold part of the country.

Reclaim the Basement

Another great space that often gets treated as a storage unit is the basement. Entertainment areas in basements are becoming very popular, with many folks using them to put in bars. The classic game room is another great choice, when remodeling a basement. If you have a practical streak, a basement makes a superb workshop or craft room, too.

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