Plan Ahead For Your New Home Addition

Building a new addition on your home could be the ideal solution for your growing family. Building a new addition could be more convenient than moving, and it's a better option when you love your house but you just need more room. Planning and building an addition takes time, and there are several things to consider. Here are some things to look into when you're thinking about adding on to your home.

Find Out If An Addition Is Possible

Local codes may restrict where you can place an addition since your home has to be behind the setback area and a certain distance from your property line. If you don't have room to add on to the first floor, you might think about adding a second level if that is permitted by the city and your HOA if you have one. Finding the right place for an addition can be like working a puzzle if you have a small lot or an in-ground pool you have to work around.

Decide How Much Extra Space You Need

Know exactly how much space you need in the new addition so the contractor can come up with the best way to add on to your home. For instance, if you want a spare bedroom for the kids, you might not need a huge addition if you can add the room next to a wall with closets that you can open up and add to the addition. If you want a master bedroom with a bath, then you'll need much more space. Knowing exactly what you want helps the contractor fit the addition in the right place and it helps control your costs too.

Think About Utilities And Climate Control

If you need to add plumbing to your addition, then that increases the cost, but an additional bathroom could be what your growing family needs. Ask about the added expense for plumbing, electricity, and climate control so you can find the most cost-effective way to add these necessities to the new room. Adding a new room to your current HVAC system might affect the efficiency of heating and cooling your house, so you may need to find alternative methods of climate control such as a ductless system for the room or a window AC.

Planning the addition and having blueprints made can take a while, but the process is worth it if you don't want to move from your home. An addition is useful as a bedroom for the kids, and you can always convert it to an office or exercise room when the kids are grown, so it's an investment that will pay off for years.

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