5 Plumbing Upgrades Worth Their Weight In Gold

When building a new home, there are literally hundreds of decisions thrown at you at once—from square footage to paint color. While things may be moving quickly, take a few moments to consider your plumbing options before your project gets too far off the ground. The possibilities are endless, but many choices about residential plumbing need to be made very early in the design and build process.

1. Vessel Sinks – Bathroom sinks can be undermount, self-rimming (or drop-in), pedestal, or vessel-style. While all work beautifully, vessel sinks require a different rough plumbing configuration. They sit on on top of the counter and the faucet is located higher up on the wall. Talk to your builder or plumber about your choices.

2. Laundry Room Location – Your grandmother's laundry room was likely in the basement or, in warmer climates, the garage. Next, laundry rooms moved to the first floor of the home. New home builders now are often locating them on the second floor. Where do you like your laundry room?

3. Pot Filler – If you have ever watched any home remodeling or decorating show on television, you have seen a pot filler. It is a faucet that is strategically located over the stove so home cooks do not have to carry heavy 5-gallon pots of water from the sink to the stove. They simply fill the pot while it is in position on the burner—genius!

4. Foot-Activated Kitchen Sink – Commercial kitchens often employ foot-activated faucets so chefs do not have to touch anything with dirty hands and possibly spread salmonella. You can easily steal this idea for your home kitchen if you tell your plumber in advance.

5. Extra Exterior Spigots – Most new homes are constructed with just one or two outdoor spigots. If you garden or have small children, adding additional spigots on all four sides of your home is an inexpensive plumbing upgrade that you will appreciate later.

6. Mudroom Options – Whether you call it a mudroom, a drop zone, a rear entry, or a family entrance, the area near the garage door is getting quite a facelift in new homes. Not only are built-in locker spaces growing in popularity, but new plumbing options are gaining steam as well. A mop sink is exactly what it sounds like; a sink that is low to the ground so a bucket can roll in for easy filling. Mop sinks are also great for pet care.