Poured With Pride: 3 Ways To Incorporate Concrete In Your Exterior Design

The exterior of your home is incredibly important; not only is it representative of your home's "curb appeal," but it also allows you to show off your design prowess and personality without people ever crossing the threshold of your home.

Concrete is an incredibly versatile material that, when incorporated in your home's landscaping, can increase its aesthetic value all without driving up your price point for building your home by too much. So if you're looking for a few ways to incorporate concrete in your exterior design, then here's what you need to know.

Decorate the Driveway

A concrete driveway is incredibly functional, but it can also help beautify the outside view of your home. Borders, done in a contrasting color, will add visual interest while giving your home a more elegant vibe. If patterns are more your thing, go for bold, colored geometric shapes — and, for a more cohesive look, choose shapes that echo the shapes present on the outside of your home.

For a truly unforgettable concrete driveway, create a focal point in the center; a stamped pattern, a large shape of a completely different color, an abstract design, or anything else that tickles your fancy.

Amaze with Accents

Your concrete decorations don't have to be simply on the driveway, however; there are plenty of ideas for adding concrete accents to the exterior of your home. For a classical feel, harken back to ancient Greece and Rome with concrete pillars at the entryway, or concrete arches over the outsides of your home's windows. These touches can lend a stately, impressive feel to an otherwise more modern home.

If the ancients fail to amaze you, try smaller accents, such as a concrete sign displaying your address or family's name, or a concrete barrier on either side of a gate in front of your entryway, making your home feel that much more private.

Produce by Planters

Planter boxes are perfect if you want small gardening spaces or avenues to show off your favorite plants without worrying about them taking over your lawn. Making those boxes out of concrete is even more perfect; intensely durable and able to be mixed in with most colors, concrete planter boxes can help display your wildlife without being consumed by it.

The plants and your concrete boxes help to balance each other out; without the plants, the concrete might seem just a little stark, but without the concrete, the plants could make your house's exterior a bit too wild. Concrete planter boxes are the perfect balancing act to finish off your home's exterior design.