3 Tips For Having Your Driveway Repaved

After months or years of dealing with a bumpy, cracked, or pothole-filled driveway, you have started to seriously consider having it repaved. A newly repaved asphalt driveway can improve your quality of life, boost your property value, and help protect your vehicle from flat tires and other damage. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when having your driveway repaved:

Add a Stone Base

Instead of simply adding a new layer of asphalt on top of your old driveway, it is usually worth the investment to have a new stone base added underneath the asphalt. A stone base helps protect your asphalt driveway from cracking and weather-related damage, while providing more support and drainage than an asphalt driveway that doesn't have a stone base. Adding several inches of stone underneath the asphalt will cost more upfront, but you will save money in the long run since your driveway won't need to be repaired as often. 

Know the Difference Between Resurfacing and Repaving

Having your driveway resurfaced simply involves adding a new layer of asphalt on top of your existing driveway, whereas repaving is a more extensive process that involves removing most of your old driveway and replacing it layer by layer. If your driveway is not very old, is structurally sound, and already has a nice stone base, but the top layer has become damaged, then resurfacing may be a good option.

In most other cases, repaving will give you the best results. An experienced asphalt paving contracting company will be able to evaluate your current driveway and help you decide on the best option.

Have a Sealant Added

To make the most of your repaved driveway, it is a good idea to have your contracting company add a sealant on top at the end of the job. This sealant will help protect your new asphalt from the elements, extreme temperature changes, and other types of damage. The protectant sealant will help ensure that your repaved driveway remains smooth and looking like new for as long as possible.

The asphalt sealant will require time to set and cure after application, so be sure to follow your asphalt driveway company's advice and timeline before driving or even walking on your newly repaved and sealed driveway.

Following these tips and working with an experienced asphalt paving contractor will ensure you end up with the smooth, high quality, and long-lasting driveway you truly want. Visit a site like http://www.lakeridgepaving.com for more help.