How to Refinish Your Counter to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

Replacing your kitchen cabinets, counters, flooring, or appliances is a good way to give your kitchen a new look. But when your remodeling budget does not allow for replacement of your counters and cabinets, you can refinish them with paint or other refinishing kits to give them a faux finish. Here are some tips to help you paint and refinish your kitchen counters.

Prepare the Counters

The first step in refinishing your counter is to clean the counter to remove any grease. Be sure to use a cleaner that removes grease and use a cloth to clean it from all surfaces on your counter. Next, use a sanding block or sand paper with a medium-grit to sand off the smooth finish from your laminate countertop.

If there are any chips or breaks in your laminate counter, fill them with some wood putty. Smooth the surface of each repair with a putty knife and allow it to dry, then sand it smooth. Use a vacuum to suck up all sanding dust from this step, or wipe up the dust with a damp rag.

Choose Your Finish

You can finish your counter in a new solid color, or use a countertop finishing kit to make your counter look as though it is marble, granite, or other decorative stone. There are a variety of kits at most home improvement stores that provide the various colors to give your counter a faux-stone or marble look. You just need to buy the paint brush and roller, painter's tape to mask off the surrounding surfaces, and the painting tarps to protect the floors in your kitchen while you apply the new finish or color.

Apply Primer and Paint

If you have chosen a laminate finishing kit, it will come with the primer and all the paint colors or colored flecks you will need to use to give your counter its final finish. Apply one to two coats of primer onto the counter to cover all original color of the laminate. Let the primer dry between coats and before moving onto the next step.

If you are using a sponge to dab on the colors in a specific pattern, it is recommended to practice dabbing the paint onto some paper to practice applying the paint in a proper technique. Following the instructions in the kit, apply the color patterns to give your counter its faux finish. Allow the paint to dry completely, following the kit's instructions, then roll on the protective finish, which should also be included in the kit. Allow the finish to cure fully to prevent the finish from being dented or scratched.

To learn more about kitchen renovations, contact local remodeling contractors.