Setting Up A Work Zone On A Highway? Supplies You Need And Some Safety Tips

If you are setting up a work zone on a highway due to construction, you need to ensure you set it up correctly. In order to do this, you need to have the right supplies. You also need to ensure everyone stays safe as motorists, you, and your workers could all get injured. Keep reading to learn more information about this:

Work Zone Supplies

There are a lot of work zone equipment and supplies you should always have on site. For example, purchase signs to place at the site. Lighted signs can be used to make them even more visible. Put a short, easy to understand message on the warning signs.

Keep one or more safety kits on site at all times. These kits should have bandages, antibiotic ointment, burn medication, such as a spray to help with pain, and more. You can find safety kits at home improvement stores or online. They generally come with everything you need to get started.

Talk with a company that sells work zone supplies and they can help you choose these, as well as many other supplies they likely have.

Tips to Stay Safe

Make sure all your workers wear brightly colored vests and hats to make them more visible to passing cars, as well as the construction vehicles you may have on site. Have one employee on the ground to direct large construction vehicles so they will not hit the workers.

All construction equipment should have backup sounds so people know to watch out for them. This means every time the equipment goes in reverse it will make some a beeping sound.

Set up warning signs that light up at the beginning of the work site and at the end of the work area. Also, post the warning signs well in advance of the start of the construction so the motorist will know to watch out for you.

Ensure there is enough water on your site especially if the temperatures are high, and give your workers regular breaks.  Place the water in coolers to keep it cold.

You can also set up concrete barriers to help direct motorists and prevent injuries. A long concrete barrier can separate your workers from the highway and reduce the chances of them getting hit by a car. To make your area even more visible, set up orange and white cones along the length of the concrete barrier.

Because these tips will help prevent injury you can finish your jobs faster to keep your customers happy.