Three Reasons Why You Should Go With The Insulation Upgrade In Your New Home

When you hire a construction contractor to build you a brand-new home, the quote that he/she usually gives is the bare minimum in materials required to pass housing codes. For example, R-19 insulation is the bare minimum in new home construction insulation. However, there are some very valid reasons why you should go with an insulation upgrade if you have any wiggle room in your budget:

Upgrading Your Insulation Now Decreases Future Expenses to Upgrade

So, if you opt not to upgrade your insulation now, you will pay even more to upgrade later. Right now, the framework of your house is open and ready for whatever insulation your contractor installs. It is easy to install the insulation because there are no solid walls to act as barriers. If you opt to upgrade your insulation later, the process is much more difficult and may require the removal of walls or siding to add the insulation. That equates to an added labor expense.

Increasing the R-value of Your Insulation Pays for Itself

If you tell your contractor you would rather have R-29 or above, the increase in price for the insulation upgrade will pay for itself. You will see really low heating and cooling bills because the better insulation will keep your home the correct temperature in each season and prevent heat and air conditioning losses. Your HVAC systems will not have to work as hard; a direct result of better insulation.

You Can Lock in Lower Prices on Insulation Now

Insulation prices, like fossil fuels, fluctuate; rising dramatically one moment, and falling the next. If you can lock into lower prices on a higher grade of home insulation, take advantage of that. The insulation you have your contractor install now may be far less expensive than the same insulation ten years down the road when you finally decide to upgrade.

Be Sure to Talk to Your Contractor 

If you have made up your mind and now want upgraded insulation, be sure to tell your contractor. He/she can adjust the final construction costs and quote on your new home. The contractor also needs to know that you want an upgrade before he/she gets to the point where the insulation has to be installed on your home. Since contractors tend to order most of the construction supplies on an as-needed basis (i.e., a few weeks before that particular step in construction), your contractor needs to know of your decision sooner than later.

Contact a company that can help you with your new home construction insulation for more information and assistance.