Two Factors To Consider When Choosing Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete blends take much of the hard work off of your to-do list since the concrete is delivered ready for immediate use. For a novice, this makes the application process much easier; however, you want to choose your mix wisely. This is especially important when it comes to measuring how much concrete you need and knowing the right makeup of the blend. Failure to take these factors into consideration could cause a number of issues.

Measure Precisely

Knowing exactly how much concrete you need should not be an afterthought. Failure to calculate according can raise a number of different concerns. Don't fall for the idea that less is more, as this is not the case when it comes to concrete. If you underestimate your needs, you won't have enough mix on hand to keep your job on schedule. However, if you overestimate your concrete needs, you first have to worry about over spending.

Next, you have to worry about disposal of the extra product. If you have too much concrete, disposing of the excess product isn't as simple as tossing it in the trash. There are certain environmental requirements that you must adhere to. Failure to do so can lead to penalties and fines. Calculating the exact amount of concrete necessary is an intricate process that requires you to factor in the shape of the project, its depth and a host of other factors.

Know Your Plans

It's important to have a clear idea how you plan to use the concrete before choosing a ready mix blend. The reason this is so important is that ready mix concrete blends are not one-size-fits-all. This is especially the case when it comes to their application method and setting schedule. Consider the installation of a concrete surface that needs to be stamped, for example.

When choosing a blend, you need to ensure that the option has a slow setting time so that you will have enough time to perform the stamping process before the concrete sets. If you don't consider this beforehand and choose a fast setting ready mix concrete, you may not be able to stamp the entire surface fast enough. Always speak with the mix provider about how you intend to use the concrete to ensure you have the right blend.  

The concrete you use will play a critical role in the application process and the quality of the finished product. Make sure you are taking your time to choose wisely.