Save Money On Your Roll-Off Dumpster By Reducing Pickups

Hiring a roll off dumpster for your home project can provide a level of convenience; you won't need to worry about hauling waste yourself, and you'll have a convenient space to store unsightly waste while you're working. But roll off dumpsters can also add a lot of cost to the project. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the amount of waste that you throw into your bin and maximize the amount of space in the bin. 

Burn Some of the Waste

Sometimes you can reduce the amount of waste in your roll off dumpsters by burning some of it. Make sure you're not burning anything that could be hazardous to you or the environment. For instance, f you're getting rid of large amounts of wood with your project, this is a perfect opportunity to burn your waste; just make sure that there are no chemical additives sprayed on the wood that are carcinogenic or potentially flammable. 

Compost What You Can

Other organic materials, such as yard waste, can be composted. You may need to invest in a composting bin and worms for the project, but this can be less expensive than having repeated waste pickups -- and it's more environmentally friendly. 

Pack the Space Neatly

One thing that can cause your roll off dumpster costs to skyrocket is calling for a pickup when you don't actually need it. You may not be using the maximum amount of space you can unless you're using a saw or ax to break up your waste into more compact pieces. This way, you can stack the pieces more easily to make sure there's no dead space in the bin. If you're careful about how you pack, you can often schedule your regular pickups further apart and reduce the need for extra scheduled pickups when the bin is getting too full. 

Consider a Recycling Facility

In addition to hiring roll off dumpsters, you may want to contact your local recycling services to see if they can help take some of the waste off of your hands. Depending on what you're throwing away, you may be able to get free pickups or even get paid for your scrap materials. Scrap metal can be especially valuable to recycle, since these metal bits may be reused for car or electronic parts. In short, it pays to consider alternative ways to get rid parts of your waste to save greatly on your roll off dumpster rental.