Starting To Weld? Here Are A Few Stud Welding Systems To Be Aware Of

There are a number of stud welding systems out there, and if you have decided to start welding your own personal projects or you want to start welding professionally, it can be tough to know which systems you should be aware of and learn about. Here are a few common welding systems that may interest you.

Capacitive Discharge Welder

If you plan to do work on electronic devices and computers, working with a Capacitive Discharge (CD) welder might be where you want to start. Studs are spring mounted by melting the surface of the metal. That way, as the metal cools, the stud can't be removed because it is firmly in place. Because these types of welders tend to be small and provide a speedy release of energy, they are suitable for metals such as copper, which is generally used for electronic projects.

Arc Welder

You might have already started to work with arc welders; they are commonly used on construction sites and work well for a variety of metals. With these types of machines, electrical currents are used to melt aluminum, steel and other metals so that studs can be driven through them.

While arc welding is versatile and suitable for many projects, there are some reasons why you might choose another system. If, for example, you need hundreds of pieces welded right away, this system might not be the right one for you.

Production Welding

If indeed you do need to produce a high number of uniform welded pieces on a regular basis, you will likely need to learn how to use production welders. They are generally used in vehicle and industrial production; if you should ever find yourself in a warehouse where motorcycles are manufactured, for instance, you may see these machines. They are large and typically have a number of welding ports so that more than one person can use them.

There are many welding needs in an industrial shop, so production welders are usually equipped with a number of different power settings. Because of the large size of these machines, many industrial shops only have a few of them and wheel them about the shop on casters when they are needed.

You might ultimately decide to work with all of the above systems to make sure you have skills for any circumstance, or you may choose to specialize in one type.  Talk with local welding contractors in your neighborhood to get more information about which systems might make the most sense for you to learn.

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