3 Things That Will Ruin Your Septic System

Your home needs a working septic system to keep everything moving smoothly and prevent debris, waste, and contaminants from backing up and into your home. While you might not think you need to do anything with your septic system, that isn't the case. You have to take care of your system if you expect it to work the way it should. To help you better understand the things that are going to destroy your septic system, check out the three things below.

Ignoring regular maintenance

Oftentimes, people ignore the importance of draining their septic tank. They assume it can go year after year without ever needing to be drained. That is nowhere near the truth. Depending on how many people are in the home and the size of your tank, you might need to have it drained every year or two. Either way, you should never let it go for five years or more between draining, that is unless you have had a professional look at it and say it is in good shape still.

Neglecting tree roots

If you have trees around where your septic system is, there is a good chance that the tree roots are going to end up making their way through the pipes and into the system. These roots can end up destroying your system and causing it to fail. You need to relocate trees that are too close to the drain field and lines.

Throwing anything down the drain

Even though you might think you can throw whatever you like down the drain, that isn't the case. The only thing you should be throwing down the drain is human waste and toilet paper. Anything else could cause a major clog and back your system up. Before you know it, you are having to call in a professional who can come in and clear the line for you to get everything back up and moving properly.

If you pay attention to the three things above, you can help to extend the life of your septic system and prevent any major issues from occurring. Don't just assume your tank is fine. You need to call upon a rooting service who can come out and inspect the system for you. These professionals can root the lines and drain the tank if needed. You are better off being proactive about your septic system than you are letting it slip by the wayside.