Three Things Your Plumber Would Like You To Know

When your toilet is clogged or a sink overflows due to a clog, very few people think to blame themselves for the problem. However, there are many times that a homeowner can actually be the cause of the problem at hand. From no oil and grease to avoiding drop-in toilet fresheners, read on below for a few of the things your plumber wants you to know.

No Oil and Grease Allowed

One of the most common problems that plumbers deal with when it comes to clogged drains is a buildup of oil and grease. What many homeowners don't realize is that any type of grease or cooking oil congeals when it cools down. You may think that it is just washed into the sewers; however, it actually hangs around and builds up in your drain until the water has nowhere to go.

The solution to this problem is simple. Instead of pouring your oil and grease down the kitchen sink, try storing it in an empty coffee can. Once it is full, you can just send it out with the trash. Never, however, leave a grease can next to the stove, as they are a very big fire hazard.

Never Use Drop-In Toilet Fresheners

While you may love the idea of the fresh scent emitting from your toilet and the swirl of the blue water, drop-in toilet fresheners are not the best way to go. There are certain chemicals in some of the drop-ins that are capable of wearing out the working parts inside of the tank. If you need any added reason to avoid these fresheners, chunks of them often break off, get stuck in your flush valve, and prevent the toilet from flushing.

Forgo the Drano

Many homeowners automatically reach for the Drano when they have anything from a clogged sink to a clogged toilet. Chemicals used in any form can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. On top of that, many of these chemicals can damage the inside of the tank's workings and the tank itself as well.

Instead of using Drano, call in your plumber to take care of the job for you. Prevent these clogs from happening as well by keeping oil, grease, and hair out of your sinks and toilets.

These are just a few of the things your plumber wishes you would keep in mind when it comes to your plumbing system. From never using drop-in fresheners to keeping the oil and grease in containers where they belong, following these tips will help you prevent clogs to begin with. 

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