About HVAC System Heat Pump Problems & Getting Them Repaired

Have you noticed a change in the amount of warm and cold air coming from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system? The inefficiency from the system may be due to there being something wrong with the heat pump, as it is used for exchanging air between the inside and outside of your house. In this article, learn about heat pump problems and how a professional can resolve them.

What Kind of Problems Can a Heat Pump Cause?

Although the furnace and evaporator coil to your HVAC system are responsible for producing hot and cold air, the heat pump plays a role in it as well. The pump brings in exterior cold air to mix with air produced in the evaporator coil, while removing warm air from the inside of your house. The pump also brings in hot air from the exterior and removes cool air from the interior when the heater is on, but an auxiliary heater is used if no exterior warm air is available. You will feel an insufficient amount of warm and cold air if the heat pump is malfunctioning.

There are a few different things that can lead to the heat pump not working right, including freezing weather. If it rains during freezing weather, the water can freeze up the heat pump motor. Dirt is another thing that can interfere with the operation of a heat pump. It doesn't take much for dirt to accumulate on the pump, as it is located on the outside of your house.

What Can a Professional Do to Repair a Malfunctioning Heat Pump?

The first thing that will be done is an inspection of the heat pump to determine if ice or dirt is responsible for the problem. If there is ice on the pump, the contractor will melt it by pouring hot water on it. There is also a defrost timer on the pump that can assist in melting the ice. If dirt is the problem, the contractor will simply clean the pump. The motor is the main focus as dirt may have jammed it up and caused the pump to stop working.

It may be necessary for the contractor to install a new heat pump. If so, you can expect to spend a minimum of $2,000 or more for one that is sufficient enough for your entire house. Speak to an air conditioning repair contractor about the inefficiency of your HVAC system so he or she can find out if the heat pump is the problem.