4 Ways To Add The Look Of Wood Decking To Your In-Ground Pool

If you have an in-ground pool, you may want to resurface the decking around it. This is often done with a type of concrete or stone. Today, there are many other materials that you can choose from, such as rubber composites, wood and even stamped concrete. You may want to have a wood look for your pool, but still have a durable decking surface. Here are a few ways that you can create the look of wood for your new pool deck resurfacing:

1. Using Stamped Concrete With Acid Staining

If you want to have a concrete pool deck, it can also have decoration using concrete stamping techniques. The concrete can be stamped and then acid staining added to give the concrete the look of wood grain. This is great if you want to have a durable pool decking that will last for many years. It can be hard on the feet and slippery when wet, however, so you may want to consider other concrete textures or different materials if you have children.

2. Installing Vinyl Decking Materials

There are also many vinyl decking materials that can be great for a pool deck. These materials are better than composite decking because they can withstand the abuse of water and chemicals that decking will get near your pool. If you want to use vinyl decking, you may want to get a material that has a textured surface to make your pool area more slip resistant.

3. Using Real Wood For Deck Surfacing

There are also real wood materials that can be used to create the deck around your pool. You can use treated materials if you want to have something that is affordable. If you want a wood that will last longer and can take the wear of pool use, cedar and tropical hardwoods can be a great choice. For the pool area, you can also use hidden fasteners to give your deck a clean appearance.

4. Using Wood Textured Flooring Materials

There are also many water resistant flooring materials for indoors and outdoors that can be applied over a concrete surface around your pool. These materials are made of rubber or PVC and come in many styles. This can be good if you just want to repair damaged deck surfacing and add new flooring for a different look for your pool area.

These are some things that you can do to create the look of wood for your pool deck surfacing. If it is time to have a new surface for your pool deck, contact a pool deck resurfacing service to get the help you need to change the look of your pool area.