Solving A Noisy Window Air Conditioner Problem

When it comes to cooling small spaces in an energy-efficient way, window air conditioners have an edge over central heating systems. This is mainly because these air conditioners can be positioned in such a way that they only cool spaces that need cooling. The fact that they tend to be smaller in size also tends to help so far as energy consumption is concerned.

Unlike central air conditioning units that rely on air vents to distribute cool air throughout a home, window air conditioners have to be placed next to the room that they have to cool. This is great in that it helps avoid energy losses. However, it can be a constant source of noise.

Luckily, any window air conditioner noise problems can be easily fixed. Here are tips that may come in handy in helping you do so.

The front panel and its screws

When an air conditioner is in operation, it tends to vibrate. This vibration is usually negligible, especially in cases where the unit is in good shape. However, if the screws of the front panel are loose, the vibrations of the unit tend to be amplified. This can be quite irritating.

If your unit is making your home uncomfortable because of the amount of noise that it is producing, check for any loose screws on its panel. If you find any, tighten them. And if you can't find any, simply secure the panel with a masking tape. This should be enough to keep the panel from knocking on the unit and will therefore come in handy in helping you to eliminate any noise coming from your air conditioner.

Fan blades and their tendency to bend

Window air conditioners use fan blades to generate enough force to suck in and push out air. When the unit is in good condition, these fan blades usually do their work without touching any other parts. Therefore, they don't produce any noises that are loud enough to be irritating.

However, these blades sometimes bend. They can also become unbalanced as a result of dirt accumulation, something that may cause them to wobble when rotating. All this may lead to flawed motion that may cause the blades to rub against condenser fins and other parts of the air conditioning unit, causing the unit to produce noise.

To fix this problem, start by unplugging the unit from the power source. After that, loosen the fasteners of the surrounding cabin. You should now be able to see the blades.

Try spinning the blades and take note of whether they are rubbing against any other parts of the unit. If they are, simply bend them away from the part. If there is any dust on the blades, remove it. And if the blades appear unbalanced and out of place, try bending them back to their respective places. 

If you have questions about other types of HVAC issues, you may want to call a plumbing and heating contractor in your area.