Stylish Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Everyone would love to have a gigantic master bath reminiscent of a favorite spa. The reality, though, is that many people have homes with small bathrooms. That doesn't mean you're doomed to being cramped – it just means you need to get creative with your bathroom remodel.

Replace the Sink

A sink on top of a full vanity takes up valuable real estate. One option for a small bathroom is replacing the standard vanity with a pedestal sink. Not only is such an installation attractive, it takes up far less space. Another option is replacing a regular vanity with a floating one. The area beneath can be used for additional storage or just to increase the visual space.

Install on a Wall

Speaking of the sink area, another option is having the plumbing extend directly from the wall. Indeed, Better Homes and Gardens suggests having a single-handle faucet installed in the wall. Another option is a tankless toilet, which receives water directly from the water line. This set up eliminates the need for a bulky tank.

Include Glass Tile

Not only is tile easy to clean and maintain, it's also very attractive. While regular porcelain tile is lovely, glass is an excellent choice for a small bathroom. The surface of glass tile shimmers automatically, thus increasing the light in the room. More light makes the space seem bigger. Choose light colors to further promote that feeling of airy space.

Add a Glass Shower Door

Whether your bathroom has a shower-bathtub combination or simply a walk-in stall, add a glass shower door. Have it installed as a sliding glass door rather than on a pivot. This minimizes the amount of space the door takes up when open. Likewise, just like glass tiles maximize the visual space, so, too, does a glass shower door.

Customize Your Storage

There's never seems to be enough storage space, even in the largest of bathrooms. That's because the space is appropriate for the home owner's needs. You may have dozens of towels but no place to put them because the storage is constructed for toiletries. Since you're having your bathroom remodeled anyway, have the storage designed to meet your needs specifically. Make a list of all the items you want to keep near to hand in the bathroom, and talk to your contractors about the best storage configuration.

Don't lament your small bathroom. Instead, add stylish upgrades that increase the visual space while helping your bathroom complement your morning routine. For more information, speak to contractors like ULF & Associates, LLC.