Want to Make Your Home an Intriguing Place? Consider One of These Staircase Ideas

Home is definitely what you make it--from the furnishings to the people inside of it, to the decor and more. One of the things that can make your home more intriguing when your guests come over and more visually appealing to you and your family members is a custom staircase. There are all kinds of fun things that you can do with staircases to give your home a unique flair, and some of the best ideas include:

Stairs With Storage Space

One of the coolest ideas that is both attractive and frugal is the stairs with storage space option. You can have a contractor build your stairs just like any normal set of steps, but then inside each step, there should be a pullout drawer that you can access to store items in that you wouldn't normally have extra space for. If you're afraid of falling down the stairs when trying to put things into the drawers or take them out, then you can opt just to have the bottom two steps converted into storage drawers, as that way you can still access them from the floor if you so desire.

The Classic Spiral Staircase

In movies and books, you often see pictures of a spiral staircase with its elegant looks and winding railings. Though one of these staircases might be exhausting to walk on all day long, they definitely look attractive and beautiful. In the event that you ever need to sell your home, a spiral staircase is sure to be one of the major selling points that really convinces the potential buyer to go for this classy home.

Figures Added to the Bannister

For a really attractive and unique look, consider getting a set of stairs with some sort of a figurine added to the bannister or railing. This type of staircase should generally be placed right near the front door, as it will greet guests when they come in. Depending on the type of figurine you decide to put on the bannister, the stairs can look a bit imposing or shocking at first, but more often than not, the design looks rather elegant and may even improve people's opinion of your home.

Floating Stairs

If you're confident in your ability to not fall down the stairs, then a set of floating stairs might be an attractive way to add some flair to your home. These stairs do look attractive, and people will be amazed at how you can get up and down them without hurting yourself. Anyone who uses these stairs should be careful, though, as there is nothing to hang onto when using them, so caution must be taken at all times so as not to fall and suffer a serious injury.

Stairs are some of the best parts of homes, as they not only provide access from one story of the home to another, but they also often tell the story of the home just in the way that they are designed. If you want a staircase that breaks the traditional mold and that looks quite different from the rest, then consider one of the four ideas mentioned above and watch your guests "ooh" and "aah" when they come over to your house. (For more information, contact Whiteford Hardwood Floors Unlimited LLC.)