Innovative Ways To Cover Windows For Privacy

If you have small windows on or around your front door, you may have thought of ways to cover them so people on your front porch cannot peek inside your home. There are a few different ways you can try making your windows more private. Here are some instructions for you to use to cover these windows so you do not need to worry about peeping eyes.

Replace The Windows

Replacement windows are always a great option for getting a window that works for you. There are a couple of different privacy windows available. One is a window with a blind incorporated between two panes of glass. You can shut the blinds on each pane individually when you do not wish for light to come inside or when you do not want strangers peering inside your home. On sunny days where you are able to monitor the arrival of guests, you can keep them open. This gives you the option of having them open or shut depending on your mood.

Frosted windows are another type that can help keep the inside private. There are many patterns or degrees of frosting to pick from so it is difficult for someone to see inside. Call a replacement window contractor to see what options are available for your window set up.

Frosting The Windows

You can frost your own windows in a couple of different ways. Glass frosting material can be sprayed on your windows. If you wish, it can be sprayed over the entire pane or can be sprayed-on in a pattern. To place a pattern, find a stencil in a hardware store or craft store. Tape into place and spray the frosting inside the pattern cutout. Move the stencil and repeat until you have frosted the window to your liking. This is a permanent frost.

To make a non-permanent frost, you can use contact paper. Clear contact paper will give your windows a glaze that cannot be seen through. Use a stencil and trace the pattern you like several times on a sheet of contact paper. Cut out the patterned pieces and peel the backing off of the paper. Stick into place. After you have placed the pieces, you can remove them when you want to try a new pattern.

Cover The Windows

You can cover your windows with a variety of different coverings. Blinds can be hung over small side windows and can be closed when you do not want sunlight or guests peering inside. Curtains can be placed by putting curtain hangers over the windows. Pick a sheer curtain if you still want sunlight to get inside. It will be enough to keep people from looking into your home. Heavier curtains can be used in cooler weather, helping retain the heat inside your home.