Common Furnace Repair Questions Answered

There are few things that are more important in the winter than keeping your home a comfortable temperature. For many homes, a furnace is the tool of choice for this task, and this should not be surprising given the efficiency and durability of these systems. However, it is still possible for these devices to encounter problems, and depending on the problem, there is a chance that you may have a question that needs to be addressed. 

Why Does The Pilot Light Constantly Go Out?

With older furnaces, it is not uncommon for the pilot light to experience problems staying lit. When this happens, your system will be unable to generate heat, and you will have to relight it to keep your home comfortable. Not surprisingly, this can become extremely inconvenient, but many people are under the impression that there is nothing other than replacing the ignition box that will correct this issue. 

Luckily, there is actually a relatively simple step that you can take to help mitigate this problem. Using a damp cloth, you should carefully wipe away any grime that has started to accumulate on the ignition box. After allowing it to thoroughly dry, you can turn on the furnace, and the problem with the pilot light going out should be corrected. If it is not, then it may be a sign of a mechanical problem, and you will need to contact a furnace repair professional to address the issue. 

What Causes A Foul Smell To Come From The Furnace?

Another common issue homeowners can encounter with their furnaces is that they may notice a foul smell emanating from the system when it is active. Often, this will smell like something burning, and it can be rather alarming to homeowners. If you notice this problem, you should immediately turn off the furnace to conduct a visual inspection of it.

Accumulations of ash and grime on the interior of the furnace can start to give off these smells when the temperature in the furnace starts to rise. However, this can also be an indication of a potential fire hazard with the system. When inspecting the unit, you should look for signs of burning wires or paint. If you notice these issues, the furnace is likely getting too hot for these materials, and you will need to contact an experienced professional like Always Ready Repair to correct the problem before it develops into a major issue. 

A furnace can be an excellent way of ensuring that your home stays comfortable and cozy regardless of the outside temperature. However, it is vital for a homeowner to have a working knowledge of these systems, and understanding these basic questions and answers will go a long way towards achieving this goal.