Is A Cedar Shingle Roof Right For Your Home?

A cedar shingle roof is one of the most beautiful types of roofs you can choose for your home. The warmth of cedar wood adds to virtually any home's curb appeal. However, a cedar shingle roof isn't necessarily the right choice for every home and every homeowner. It pays to weigh the pros and the cons of such a roof before your invest.

The advantages of a cedar shingle roof

1. It has a warm, beautiful look. New cedar has a warm, honey-colored hue that weathers to a distinguished-looking gray over time. This look adapts to most any type of architecture or design and makes your home attractive to visitors and guests.

2. Cedar is durable. A cedar shake roof lasts about 10 years longer than an asphalt shingle roof, up to around 35 to 40 years. A cedar wood roof may just be the last roof you'll ever have to buy. Cedar shingles also stand up well to storms. Cedar shingles are also heavier than asphalt shingles, so they don't tend to blow off the roof as asphalt can. These types of shingle also won't get dented in a hail storm as metal roofing material can.

3. A cedar roof adds insulation value. Cedar wood helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, offering up to twice the insulation value of an asphalt shingle roof and up to eight times the insulation value of a slate roof.

4. It requires less structural support. Another advantage to a cedar shingle roof is that such a roof requires less structural support than heavier material like slate and metal. You won't have to add more beams to hold up your cedar roof.

Disadvantages to a cedar shingle roof

1. Subject to water damage. Wood as a building material carries several inherent challenges. Wood can warp and split when it gets wet, requiring shingles to have to be replaced. While some types of wood can be attractive to insects like termites, especially in damp climates, cedar is naturally resistant to bug activity.

2. Cost. A wood shingle roof is considerably more expensive than may other types of roofing, such as asphalt shingles.

While a cedar shingle roof is lovely, it isn't the right choice for every homeowner. Before you invest in a wood shingle roof, make sure to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of such a roof. Contact a roofing contractor, such as Affordable Roofing & Gutters, to further discuss your options.