Handy Man Services: What You Get For Your Money

You have a "honey-do" list about a mile long. You really do not want to think about how you will get everything done, especially since some of the things on your list require a professional. Hiring several separate contractors for everything sounds expensive. Then there are the "handy-man" services and you wonder what you might get for hiring them. You might be pleasantly surprised. Some of these services offer a lot, and they can be worth every penny you pay.

Jack-of-All-Trades Work for You

Many of these handy-man services hire men and women who know a little about everything and a lot about certain things. For example, you want to hire someone from a service provider that can help you change the leaky faucets in your home. The service provider sends somebody with a background in plumbing, but this same person can also fix a leaky roof or cut down dead trees in your yard. These services hire many out-of-work general contractors, and that works not only for them but also for you. You get more than you need by hiring a handy-man service.

No Multiple Contractors, Multiple Contracts, or Multiple Visits

Usually these services send one or two employees out at a time. You are charged the hourly rate for each employee sent. You can buy four hours' worth of work, an entire day, or several days and the "handymen" do all the odd jobs you want them to do for the amount of time you schedule them. It does not matter if you need them to clean gutters, fix the toilet and/or rewire the electrical box. They are all highly skilled and trained general contractors. Everything on your list that requires a professional, and even some things that do not, is completed in one trip.

The Price of All-in-One Services

While you may suffer sticker shock when you hear what these general contractors and handy-man services charge, you have to take in the bigger picture. Think about what a plumber, a roofer, and an electrical contractor would all charge you to do the same amount of work on the same day. If you look at it that way, the price for all-in-one services is about one-third of what it could be if you hired three separate contractors. You could also look at it as the price of convenience and freedom, since you do not have to complete anything on your list yourself, and that is often worth more to customers than the total cost.