Four Tips To Help You Care For Your Wood Fencing And Get The Most Life Out Of It

If you have installed wood fencing for your home, a fence will look great for years.  Eventually, wood will need to be replaced, but with the proper care for your fence, you can get a lot more life out of it. This means doing regular maintenance like staining and sealing the fence. You may also need to do small repairs to your fence, such as replacing a board or repairing a gate. If you want to be able to get the most out of your fence, here are four tips that can help you:

1. Keeping The Wood Of The Fence Clean

Wood will rot a lot faster when it gets dirty from dirt at the bottom of the fence. This happens when dirt splashes on the fence when it rains. You can clean the fence regularly with a garden hose to prevent this. You may also want to consider installing a ground cover like gravel at the bottom of the fence to keep it from getting dirty. This can look great with the addition of a few plants, and will add to the aesthetic appearance of your landscaping design.

2. Regular Staining Of The Wood

Wood needs to be protected with paint or a sealant to prevent it from weathering. This is something that should be done regularly just like the decks on your home. You may want to consider using a stain with UV protect for sections of your fence that get a lot of direct sunlight. Doing this will reduce fading from sun light and help to make your fence last a lot longer.

3. Storing Wood For Small Repairs

You may also have to replace a board at some point. It is a good idea to store a few extra pieces of wood for these repairs. You will want to store them in a dry protected place like a storage shed or garage. When you have your fence built, ask for enough extra wood for one section of fence. You will have the wood you need for repairs, and the wood will match the original materials your fence was made out of.

4. Repairs To Leaning Gates

Overtime, gates on wood fences can start to sag and become out of square. To fix this problem. You can unscrew the hinges and fasten them where the gate is a little higher. To prevent the problem, you can have a fencing contractor install a tension cable for the gates. This cable holds the ends of the gate to prevent it from leaning over time.  If the gate does start to lean with cables, you can just add more tension to the cables to fix it, and will not have to do any major repairs.

These are some things that will help you get the most out of your fence. If you need help with any repairs or installation of a wood fence, contact a fencing contractor (such as Holman Fence LLC) to get the right care for your fence.