An Exploration of Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repairs

Your New Home: Signs Your Roof Needs Repairing

Once you’ve purchased your new home, you are ready to furnish and decorate it the ways you wish. Along the way, you may notice a few home repairs that need immediate attention, such as faulty wiring, sagging floors, or a leak in the bathroom. Roof repairs can be costly (the national average is $676) so you want to catch signs your new home needs work done before the damage gets to the point it’s too costly to fix. As you move into your new home, look for the following signs of roof damage that can indicate you need residential roof repair.

Stains on your ceilings

A leaking roof presents a few obvious problems, even if it is not actively raining or snowing when you move in. You will notice water stains on your ceiling or even see that parts of your ceiling appear bloated or bowed out. Any signs of water damage in your ceiling are directly related to your roof and can indicate loose shingles, faulty sealing around fireplaces or vents, or other issues that need to be addressed before they get very expensive.

Wear and tear

You may notice that the edges of your shingles are curling, cracked, or that there are even shingles missing from your roof. Your rain gutters may be bent or clogged, allowing water to pool around the edges of your roof or onto the ground too close to your home’s foundation. If you have a metal roof, you may see panels coming loose or appearing dented. Don’t attempt to climb on your roof yourself to patch loose or bare areas as many home repairs with roof tar or a tarp are only temporary and can make surrounding healthy areas worse. A roofer can repair or replace faulty roofing materials to help your roof last longer.

Your roof has never been replaced

Your roof can last anywhere from a few decades to half a century, depending on what it’s made out of. Pricey slate or tile roofs can last 50 years, whereas the more common asphalt shingle roofs may last only half as long. If the roof of your new home has never been replaced then you may be looking at a roof repair simply based on regular wear of your roof. Have a roofer like Homestreet Roofing, Inc. inspect your roofing materials to see if any repairs or replacements need to be made, even if you notice nothing wrong with your home.

With proper care and maintenance you can help your roof last a very long time. Common repairs made quickly can help you keep your existing roof longer.

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Installing A Flat Roof For Your Business? Why You Should Choose EPDM Materials

If your business needs a new roof, you have many options to choose from. If you have already decided that you want a flat roof, you should choose EPDM materials. EPDM is a synthetic rubber made of ethylene and propylene. These materials are also often used for window and door seals. EPDM is generally black but also available in white, and has a smooth surface similar to slate. It does not contain any granules like you see with many shingles, such as asphalt shingles.  Below is some information about EPDM flat roofs so you can decide if it is right for your business.

EPDM Flat Roof Advantages

There are many advantages of choosing an EPDM flat roof including:

  • An EPDM flat roof is less expensive and will cost approximately $0.50 to $1.50 per square foot, depending on the color and the thickness.
  • Because a flat roof is flat, you can use it for extra space; for example, you can put your HVAC system on your roof to save ground cover.
  • The roof will not shatter or become brittle during extremely low temperatures
  • This flat roof is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light and hail damage and will not deteriorate.

Installing EPDM Flat Roof

When the contractor installs your EPDM flat roof, they will not have to use high heat that is used when installing other types of roofing material. Instead, the contractor uses a cold adhesive. In most cases, the EPDM will be a rubber sheeting that is rolled out onto the roof.

A more advanced type of EPDM includes a polyester fleece layer that is attached to the back of the rubber. This is needed if the flat roof is being installed on top of the existing roof, because, due to the extra layer, any imperfections will flatten to provide a smooth surface.

Size Options

When choosing the EPDM rubber, there are varying widths and lengths. The thicker the EPDM materials, the more resistant it will be to things like hail damage, flying debris from a storm, or a branch falling on the roof. Thicker is generally more expensive, however, so you have to take this into consideration. If there are no trees close to your building and you have very few hail storms, you may want to consider a thinner material, as all thicknesses offer protection.

Talk with a roofing contractor about EPDM flat roofs if you have any questions or would like more information. Click here to check out the site of a local roofing company.

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3 Signs That Your AC Is Failing That Every Homeowner Should Be Watching For

If you are like most homeowners, you have an air conditioning unit in your home. This is by far the most effective way to keep your house cool in the summer. However, if you are not careful, you can easily damage your AC unit by failing to recognize the signs that your AC needs maintenance and repairs. Here are some things that you should be looking for.

1. Poor Air Quality

If your AC unit is dirty, the whole house will begin to show it with a poor air quality. For example, you might notice that there is a lot of dust around the furniture. Instead of going a week between dusting, you need to dust every couple of days. This is because the AC unit is blowing dust and dirt throughout the house. Another way you know that the air quality is poor is allergy-like symptoms from those in the house. You might notice that even though people shouldn’t be experiencing seasonal allergies, while you are home everyone is experiencing sore throats, sneezing, or even breathing problems. These are all signs that there is a problem with your AC unit.

2. The Rooms Have Uneven Temperatures

Another thing you should be looking for is how even the house is being cooled. You should expect the entire house, at least on each floor, to have the same temperature. For instance, all of the bedrooms on the upper floor should reflect the same temperature. If you have one room that is always very cold and the room right next to it is hot, you could have a problem. It could mean that the AC unit is wearing out or that the air ducts are dirty so that the air cannot get throughout the house.

3. The Temperature In The House Doesn’t Reflect The Thermostat

Lastly, you should be watching to make sure that the temperature on your thermostat is actually reflective of the temperature in the house. For example, if you have the thermostat turned down to 68 and the house is more like 75, this is a problem. It means that you have to get the AC to blow extra hard to even make the smallest strides in cooling the house. This is a sign that eventually the AC could give out completely.

By looking for these signs, you can catch problems with your AC early and avoid replacing the system. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like

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Keep Your Kids Safe: 4 Steps To Protect Them Around The Automatic Garage Door

If you have an automatic garage door, you want it to operate properly, which includes ensuring that it’s operating safely. Garage doors cause thousands of injuries each year, including lacerations, pinched fingers and crushing injuries. These injuries can be attributed to several different things, such as equipment malfunctions, operator error, and accidents. Many of the injuries are to small children. If you have children, you should teach them about garage door safety. Here are four tips that will help keep your kids safe around the garage door.

Keep the Remote Away from Kids

Children love to play with anything electronic, including remote control devices. While there’s no danger in letting your kids use other types of remotes, the garage door remote should never be given to kids to play with. Allowing your children to play with the garage door remote could cause it to accidentally open or close. If someone is in the way of the door when it’s activated, they could be seriously injured.

Children Shouldn’t Play with the Door

Children will play with just about anything, including garage doors. Unfortunately, playing with a garage door could cause serious injuries, especially if they get their fingers stuck between the panels or on the tracks. To prevent injuries, teach your children to stay away from the garage door and to never touch any part of it.

Never Stand Under the Door

Children don’t always understand the danger they’re in. This is particularly true when it comes to the garage door. Something as simple as standing under the garage door could lead to disastrous consequences. To protect your kids from injuries, teach your kids to avoid standing under the garage door. It’s also important that you teach them to stand clear of the door when it’s opening or closing. This will ensure that they don’t walk under it while the door is closing.

Watch the Door Until It’s Completely Opened/Closed

Children can get away from you in an instant. That’s why it’s important for you to keep an eye on the garage door until it’s completely opened or closed. It only takes a split second for a child to sneak past you. If that happens while your garage door is closing, the results could be catastrophic. To protect your kids, always watch the door until it’s completed its cycle.

Automatic garage door openers are a real time saver. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous, especially if you don’t take safety measures. If you have kids, be sure to use the safety measures described above. For more information, contact a business such as Raynor Door Company.

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Two Factors To Consider When Choosing Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete blends take much of the hard work off of your to-do list since the concrete is delivered ready for immediate use. For a novice, this makes the application process much easier; however, you want to choose your mix wisely. This is especially important when it comes to measuring how much concrete you need and knowing the right makeup of the blend. Failure to take these factors into consideration could cause a number of issues.

Measure Precisely

Knowing exactly how much concrete you need should not be an afterthought. Failure to calculate according can raise a number of different concerns. Don’t fall for the idea that less is more, as this is not the case when it comes to concrete. If you underestimate your needs, you won’t have enough mix on hand to keep your job on schedule. However, if you overestimate your concrete needs, you first have to worry about over spending.

Next, you have to worry about disposal of the extra product. If you have too much concrete, disposing of the excess product isn’t as simple as tossing it in the trash. There are certain environmental requirements that you must adhere to. Failure to do so can lead to penalties and fines. Calculating the exact amount of concrete necessary is an intricate process that requires you to factor in the shape of the project, its depth and a host of other factors.

Know Your Plans

It’s important to have a clear idea how you plan to use the concrete before choosing a ready mix blend. The reason this is so important is that ready mix concrete blends are not one-size-fits-all. This is especially the case when it comes to their application method and setting schedule. Consider the installation of a concrete surface that needs to be stamped, for example.

When choosing a blend, you need to ensure that the option has a slow setting time so that you will have enough time to perform the stamping process before the concrete sets. If you don’t consider this beforehand and choose a fast setting ready mix concrete, you may not be able to stamp the entire surface fast enough. Always speak with the mix provider about how you intend to use the concrete to ensure you have the right blend.  

The concrete you use will play a critical role in the application process and the quality of the finished product. Make sure you are taking your time to choose wisely.

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4 Common Plumbing Problems For Businesses

Being a business owner will come with a host of responsibilities. The rewards of being in business for yourself typically overrides a great deal of the stress that’s involved. Many people feel there is nothing better than being your boss and setting your own working hours.  However, you may be forced to deal with various issues at times, and one of these may be plumbing concerns. By knowing some of the more common plumbing problems for businesses, this may be helpful for you.

Clogged toilets

If you company is typically full of people throughout the day,  you may be faced with clogged toilets. When you have heavy employee and customer use, it’s likely the bathrooms will be used a great deal.

Some people may use too much toilet paper, and this can cause the toilet to clog. Additionally, excessive use of the bathroom can lead to more wear and tear that leads to problems.

Faucet leaks

Dealing with a leaking faucet can wind up being expensive for your business. It’s ideal to address this problem as soon as it starts or you may have to endure an expensive water bill.

The typical cause of faucet leaks is wear and tear of this item. Some of the reasons you may be dealing with this problem include damaged seals, washers or O-rings. In many cases, these items may need replacing.

No hot water

Businesses typically rely on the hot water a great deal throughout the day.  If you’re having problems with the water temperature in your building, you will want to get this investigated promptly.

It’s normal that the lack of hot water is the result of a water heater going out and will need to be replaced. Be sure to consider your options and choose one that will stand the test of time and daily use.

Sewer odors

If you begin to experience a foul smell outside of your business, you may need to have the sewer or the main sewer lines cleaned by a professional.  Any business that has a lot of customers will rely on the plumbing more and this could cause the sewer to require cleaning more frequently.

The challenges of being a business owner will include dealing with more plumbing issues along the way. Be sure to hire a professional plumber that will be able to take care of all your commercial plumbing repair concerns as necessary.

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4 Benefits Of Getting Your Basement Waterproofed

Do you avoid going in your basement because it is dark and humid? The humidity can stem from a few different things, which is why you should find out what the cause is so repairs can be made. It is also in your best interest to invest in getting the basement waterproofed to protect the foundation from getting damaged. Take a look at this article to discover some of the benefits that will come along with getting your basement professionally waterproofed.

Prevents Damage to the Foundation

The most important thing that you can do for your house is keep the foundation in good shape. A waterproofing professional will be able to inspect the basement of your house to find any problems that can affect the foundation. For instance, he or she will walk around the basement and inspect for mold damage and cracks in the walls. The main purpose will be to make sure there are no leaks that can cause the foundation to become cracked or to shift. Any cracks that are found will be sealed up.

Protects Other Areas of Your House

By waterproofing the basement to protect the foundation from getting damaged, it is also beneficial for other areas of your house. For instance, if water seeps into the basement floor, it can cause the soil underneath your house to become soggy. The foundation can then develop cracks and not sit in a level position, which can make the tiles in your house crack as well. The walls in your house can begin to bulge, lean and place your roof at risk of collapsing. You can also end up with doors and windows getting stuck due to the position of the walls.

Gives Your House More Value

Once your basement has been waterproofed, you will be able to start using it as extra living space. Any leaks through cracks that caused the basement to become humid will be repaired. The best thing about having an undamaged basement is that it can increase the value of your house, especially when the foundation is in good shape so furniture can sit at a level position.

Get Rid of Musty Odors

Leaving a humid basement unused for a long time can lead to musty odors developing. The odors can end up making your entire house smell bad. Basement waterproofing will help with getting rid of odors after cracks are sealed up. Keep in mind that any leaks in your house must be fixed after basement waterproofing is done as well. Get your basement waterproofed as soon as possible.

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